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Protection Plan

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Chances are, you have a few reasons at home to make sure your furniture stays protected. Never cry over spilled milk again when you accident-proof your new home furnishings for just pennies a day.

Our 5-Year Protection plan covers:
ALL accidental stains (excluding accumulation) - INCLUDES UNKNOWN STAINS
Water or Beverage Marks or Rings
Accidental scratches penetrating the top coat finish or hard surfaces
Accidental dents, gouges or chipping of hard surfaces
Seam Separation and Tufting
Peeling of the finish of solid wood or veneer surfaces
Failure of assembled joints of solid or veneered wood
Loss of silvering on mirrors
Breaking of frames
Breakage of springs
Mechanism of sleeper or recliners including heaters and vibrators
Breakage of glass or mirrors
Failure of electrical components
Lifting of veneers
Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of wood finish

It does NOT cover:
Paint, bleach, corrosives, acids, x-coded fabrics, non-color fast fabric, color fade from sunlight, mold, mildew odor, accumulated soiling, build-up of body/hair oils, natural markings or characteristics in leather
Wear and tear, mishandling, abuse, neglect, or failure to comply with manufacturers instructions
Damage to electrical components arising from improper installation, moisture, liquid spills, lightning, power failures and/or power surges, or physical damage
Physical damage from animals
Product damage in transit, ie: moving, relocation or storage
Product sold in "as-is" condition
Product used in public area, rental or commercial environment
Acts of God, fraud, intentional acts, war or hostilities
Damage covered by any insurance program
Peeling, cracking